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Organic Gardener Mallorca

Something for every season.

Landscaping, gardening, landscapegardening and horticulture had been part of my working life now for a very long time, in fact I am very fortunate to be able to acount that my exsperience in the field can add up to around thirty years. Its not that I am that old too, its just that besides gardening around the house on the slopes of the Beautifull Magalies berg, I started my first weekend job at the age of 14 at the Elsarida Nursery where I spend the hours filling plantbags and seperating groundcovers, whenever I wasn’t assisting costumers. Its this early start which had also won me a bursery for my studies in horticulture with the Technicon Pretoria years later (see the page with my qualification) However in the rest of this page I describe how the ecological and organic side of my current business in Mallorca had come to be.

It was the year 1998. It was while raking together leaves under some giant Platanus acerifolia in London England, I was working for Worlds End Nurseries in Chelsea at the time, when I suddenly became aware at that particular moment in time I was not simply making heaps of dry leaves on a well-kept lawn in Holland Park, HEAPS as James used to insist upon, but I became aware that I was actually scratching the very pelt of one giant creature named Gaia. What was at the time just a fresh new Idea in the air at the time I suppose, had suddely become very real to me. Naturally this wonderfull creature was Mother Earth and me the humble gardener, felt very prevelidged to be the one scraching Her back and as I was doing so I started to feel Her energy as She our Mother Earth had not only taken notice of my actions but had begun very generousely rewarding my efforts. Through this contact and contact with plants, to me had been communicated and a new way of gardening, a new way of moving things as to speak.

This new way in cooperation with mother nature, alias ¨Pacha Mama¨ and guided by Spirts its of plants, this new way of gardening, I came to known directly and had developed through countless experiments and experiences over the following years, form the basis of how I garden these days and how I do business today. It had shaped and molded the person I had become, my principles. I am proud to be in service to our great planet earth and in service to you the conscious garden owner.


For more information please ring: +34 644 28 00 73 or e-mail me at:




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