Sunday, 21 of October of 2018

Organic Gardener Mallorca

Paradisiacal Mallorca

The rewards and results of pure Organic Gardening are indescribably exciting. During the hot and dry midsummer months it may be a bit challenging to keep the garden well-watered and therefore we rely on many tecniques such as the creation of microclimate, mulching and naturally, irrigation, to create the tropical kaleidoscope which we all seek after. Not only the abundance of Wild Olive, Citrus, wild grasses and old Stone terrace walls but also the appearence of some flowering species only for short periods after spring and autum rains and then their withering away again leaving behind interesting forms of dead material, all play important roles in setting the very rustic tones to the landscape battered by Mediterranean weather patterns, making the gardens here very different from the regular English country garden.

It may be said about Mallorca that most palms from all the world and most of the A-Z of flowering perennials will flourish here, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Freesias, Cistus, Wild Gladiolus, Acanthus and Sweet Alyssum (to name just a few) have established themselves in the wild here! Gazanias, African Daisies and Dutch Iris also love the climate while summer bulbs such as Cannas, Agapanthus and Beard Iris will brighten up your day. A wide variety of ornamental and edible plant variety just waiting in the one of many garden centers and nurseries scattered over the island. Not to mention all the many annual flowering varieties available in seed packs which will bath your garden in paradisiacal colors and fragrances all year long and employ a multitude of insects: friendly wasps, bees, butterflies and brightly colored beetles which call for lizards and all kinds of birds to populate your garden and thus eliminating any need for chemicals.

A multitude of flowering shrubs climbers and trees such as Solandra maxima, sweet scented Oleander and so many varieties of Jasmine alone provides endless possibilities of beautiful combinations in the landscape you always dreamed of. Eastern Cape varieties of flowers are especially well adopted to coastal winds and well adapted to rain during Winter.

When we talk organic fruits and vegetables, almost any produce you may see on shelf can be produced and harvested by your own hand including watermelon and all kinds of sweet melons to quench your thirst next to the pool. Not to mention herbs and seeds for the healthiest lifestyle you could imagine for you and your family.

Keeping in mind that it would take a couple of seasons to build up the soil as in some cases in the aftermath of chemical depletion and that we definitely need a generous amount of water as well.

If you prefer to lay back and observe all this happening for you, let me, an expert take on your Project, Garden or entire Finca!

Please ring me at +34 644280073 or drop me an e-mail.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you!





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