Saturday, 23 of January of 2021

Organic Gardener Mallorca

Second only to personal developement and health, Landscapegardening and Horticulture have been part of my life for a very long time.

I shortlisted some of the experiences which had certainly helped in formulating and establishing me as an expert in the field today.

As a young boy gardening around the house on a sub-tropical slope of the beautiful Magalies berg in South-Africa; my first weekend job at a local plant production and retail Nursery at the early age of 14, which had helped win me a bursery for my studies in horticulture with the Technicon Pretoria; gardening in the pretigious Chelsea London England, gardening in Edinburgh Scotland, gardening on the tropical paradise of the Seychelles; gardening on the Spanish mainland; gardening on La Gomera (Canary Islands) and lastly eight years gardening here in Mallorca.

For a humble gardener, I am certainly well-travelled but nowadays I consider Mallorca to be my permanent home and here is where I now create beautiful gardens which is my passion.

What I enjoy most is developing gardens over a  period of time which allows me to  relate to plants better, providing optimal care and minimizing loses and observing as a garden grows and developes. As a landscaper I almost always where structure and habitat are concerned I choose to work with live material instead. For example using green hedges rather than building walls. I once created a Bougainvillea arch using bamboo canes only temporary untill the Bougainvillea could sustain themselves.

I do not mind regenerating  existing designs or designing  gardens from scrach. I usually include some sketches and simplified plans. Please do not hesitate to consider me for your project.

For more information please ring: +34 644 28 00 73 or e-mail me at:

For more background please keep on reading or see:

organic gardener MallorcaI was raised raising seedlings and grew up growing cuttings and harvesting fruit, in fews or many, veggies or ornamentals, in open ground, baskets or pots, caring for lawns, large trees or delicate flowers and green moss alike. Not to mention insects and green ponds.

With my grandfather I used to order a wide range of winter bulbs from catalogues and with my dad I collected plants from the wild. He was a keen gardener and a good parent who stood back to let me roam free with the rich African flora.

Learning about the natural world never ends. Germination of many types of seeds, some differences between male and female, juvenile and adult, peeling prickly pears without getting thorns, growing apple and orange, tobacco, cape gooseberries, mulberries and sweet strawberries, walnuts, peanuts, macadamias, loquat, pomegranates, granadillas, mangoes, avocados, lychees (Litchy chinenses), common and Latin names, the antidote to a sting from the Phoenix canariensis, tomatoes and French runner beans. The list is endless.

I had become a gardener in every sense of the word and Plants had become not only my companions but also my teachers and my guides.

Let me introduce you.



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