Sunday, 16 of June of 2019

Organic Gardener Mallorca

Athough I’ve been gardening all my life and landscapegardening and horticulture had been part of my life since very young, I describe below how the ecological and organic side of things had come to be.

It was the year 1998. While raking together some dry autumn leaves off a lawn in London England, I suddenly became aware that at that very specific moment, what I was doing was not simply making heaps (as James  used to insist apon) or raking together some dead leaves on a well-kept lawn in Holland Park, but to be more exact, I was actually scratching the very pelt of one giant creature named Gaia, at the time just a new Idea I suppose. This one wonderfull creature was mother earth and I, Johan Willem Eekhout a humble gardener, was literaly scraching her back and this new Idea had since developed in a new philosophy a new me and as I was noticing her noticing  the scratching, I was noticing a subtle communication which I followed even if it killed me and it nearly did on several ocasiones.

So as if Gaia was this great big puppy dog, I had been  scratching her belly since then and although I had always been very pasioned about gardening and garden design, getting better at scraching the belly of the dog, so to speak, had become an obsession my life purpose.This purpose had naturally lead me even closer to the creature Gaia herself, and ever since then by doing “the scratching” the  pruning, the mowing the watering the cleaning, the planting the sowing the harvesting etc. in a certain way, is how  I´ve come to developed my very own unique gardening, maintenance and plant and crop production system. Although some actions may correspond to permaculture systems described before in widely known literature. My system I had developed through my own direct indebt exsperiences practices and many occasions the plants were the means through which this certain way had been exsplained  to me and on many other occasions I had felt myself rather a little possesed by the gentle and cruel forgiving creature we call Gaia, who would move me as a vessel and whose instruction never failed me when or where I worked and work today or will work tomorrow.

This certain way of gardening in laymen’s terms simply means: healing the wounds and treating the scared skin so that the layers of the skin becomes alive again and teaming with life again. From microorganisms in the soil to polinaters and predators.

And one day soon my dear Friends this creature named Gaia wake up fully again and and all the seeds laying dorment will germanate freely in a one world climate!

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