Organic Garden Design & Maintenance in Mallorca 

Organic Gardener in Mallorca

I do offer a full garden service, however a little different from the norm.

My main focus is not only the well-being of plants but also of the Earth and the local ecosystem.

My approach is holistic. Holistic in the gardener's sense simply means all the live plants and terrain included up to the very four corners of your property. This will tipically include a beatiful and productive orchad and vegetable patch, a herb garden and naturally the very ornamental aspects of the garden as well as some open fields and maybe a piece of Mallorcan pine forest if we're lucky.

In short:

During the process of increasing the number of plant species and garden inhabitants including birds and small reptiles the biodiversity increases also on the level of soil organism, which in turn improves the quality of the soil mirrored in the health of the plants.  Not a single chemical product is needed.

Through sustainable natural design and habitat recuperation a transformation takes place, creating an amazing, pleasant, balanced space where the wild and the manicured are combined and the energy flows in harmony.

All this naturally adjusted to your very comfortable life style and for your maximum enjoyment of the elements.

I am very proud to say that my service is transparent, fair, honest and affordable.

Affordable, because I really am on a mission to heal the Earth by means of the correct way of gardening and maybe in the process help people reconnect with nature.

Wildlife Gardening by Organic Gardener Mallorca

About me

  • As a boy I collected suculents, planted petunias and slept with a Bird-nest fern next to my bed...
  • At the age of 13 started working part-time at the local nursery
  • I finished a 3-year Diploma in Horticulture
  • Since, I've worked in different countries & various climates (South Africa, UK, Seychelles and Spain) and got to know a great many species of plants and specimens of trees in their natural environment
  • I've learnt the know-hows of the landscaping, gardening and plant production industry and on a more spiritual level I developed a unique instinctive and creative way of interacting with the plants and the land
  • So, many years ago I left behind conventional gardening and explored fields such as organic gardening, permaculture and biodynamics.
  • I have reached what I believe to be the correct way of gardening on planet Earth applied to Majorcan soil.
  • I am still a Keen botanist, who can identify most wild flowers of Mallorca
  • I speak English and enough Spanish to get by
  • I strive to always be conscious, reliable punctual person, always happy to co-create beautiful garden spaces in Mallorca and serve to the needs of my customers 
  • I dedicate myself fully to a very few projects due to the high quality of my service and attention to details
  • I am specially passionate about exotic fruit-bearing plants, culinary herbs & all trees and plants really...

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Ca'n Picafort

Palma de Mallorca