Wednesday, 23 of June of 2021

Spectacular Dutch Iris

For those of us who love Dutch Iris, it is good to know that these pretty members of the Iris family flourish in Mallorca and they are suitable for a variety of positions in the garden. Although they love water as much as the majority of spring flowering bulbs, they will perform just as well in slightly drier conditions. The even better news is the fact that you would have to plant them only once as they will multiply and re-appear the following spring after overwintering safely if left undesturbed in the ground.

Dutch Irises are classified as summer bulbs. Their bulbs or seeds can be easily found over winter and towards early spring in garden centres and DIY stores, normally with instructions on how to plant.

The striking blues and yellows mix especially well and the hybrid flowers contain bright complementary colours within the same flower. Dwarf varieties and pastel colours are commonplace. In the picture above, matching Bougainvillea, ornamental grasses, Tulbachia (wild garlic) and perennial Salvia provide the background while Dichondra covers the ground.

Combine Dutch Iris with beard Irises and you could create a real life original Von Gogh.

The flower bed above has automatic micro irrigation on a timer switch, which I recommend at least for a small section of the garden although as metioned above Dutch Iris will thrive in full sun with as little as twice waterings per week.

This beautiful combination attracts bees and butterflies!

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