Wednesday, 29 of January of 2020

Landscape design

No landscape design will arrive to the original vision of the landscape artist and reach the expectation of a customer without completion and maintenance and the final touch which arrives really late in the process. The best landscapes are designed by those who truly know their plants and who could visualize fully the final product. Be there all the way to tweak and adjust throughout the maintenance and growing process.

My own artistic sense is highly developed and Landscape Design had always come very easy to me. I could very easily walk into a new garden or landscape or any space to be transformed and information and imagines of plants and ideas will start flowing freely to me. Naturally some of these ideas won’t make the final cut but these will bounce off others or in some unexpected way will bring us to the higher idea which will manifest because the landscape will demand its fullfillment.

Early in my career I realized that one of the shortcomings of some landscapers is not knowing the caracteristics of plants to a deep enough level to know exactly how certain species will perform in a specific position or within a composition as well as the ability to visualize a garden in the future when most plants will be fully grown. It is this long term commitment and the joy of watching plants grow and interact with mother nature that has prompted me into calling myself a gardener rather than a landscaper for many years as I developed my regular maintenance plan which had taken many gardens to the next level without necessarily taking credit for the design.

Until recently I was basically giving away plants and landscaping for free to customers at a below average gardening rate, just for the joy of expanding the impact of a developed landscape and to experience gardening among mature plants and trees in the Mallorcan sun. Other areas a landscaper has to know are climate, soils and in the case of Mallorca, where to find good quality plants on the Island. It had taken long time and intensive learning curb to offer a really high standard of landscape design, not knowing for example which plants can withstand the salty winds on the rugget coastline of Mallorca could be a potential problem. Also one has to know how to compete with local prices, provide high value and at still be economic.

Having gardened successfully now on three continents surely helped me along. I know many many plants species by now and on the island of Mallorca I spent the last 6 years gaining experience and I now consider myself qualified to offer you a high quality professional garden design service with ongoing maintenance and aftercare.

Please ring me at 644 280 073 or email me at:

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